New Generation University

New Generation University™ not only provides you with the tools and resources you need to serve the best interest of your clients, but it also gives you the process you need to stay ahead of the industry.

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August 14-16, 2019

Arden Hills, MN

Welcome to New Generation University,

You are your own financial services professional. You run your own business. You have your own needs.

So, why should you be forced to accept solutions that don’t apply to your business? With the New Generation Retirement® system, the Gradient family of companies offers you a proprietary business model for your unique financial practice. It can alleviate the frustration caused by lackluster seminar results and the struggle to find new ways to reach your audience.

New Generation Retirement is built not only to address today’s evolving regulatory environment, but to help you thrive in it. The model provides a transformative, five-step system for you and your prospects and clients while incorporating three principles of success: fiduciary/stewardship, transparency and technology.

By universally applying those three principles and by following the five steps of New Generation Retirement, you establish a measurable and repeatable process around everything you do, whatever your credentials and business model are. When you work with the Gradient Financial Group, LLC family of companies, the New Generation Retirement system will be tailored to your licensure and unique business structure — and getting started is turnkey.

At this event, you will learn about navigating through the New Generation platform using prospecting tools, appointment methodology and retirement income choices for your clients. You will hear from one of Gradient’s top producers about how the New Generation Retirement system has grown their business and given them insights into their practice.

You’ll also learn how New Generation can take your personal production to new heights, regardless of your regulatory environment. We’ll show you how you can use personalized tools, including appointment materials, consumer brochures, seminars and more.

Plus, when you work with a member of the Gradient family of companies and implement the New Generation Retirement system, you can use the KonnexME platform to leverage an automated, technology-enabled system to manage the five key steps of engaging a new client.

The KonnexME platform is specifically designed for financial services professionals and adaptable to your practice. It is field-tested and fireproof, and you’ll learn how every step of the New Generation Retirement system is programmed into KonnexME and ready to execute

New Generation Retirement can transform your practice and the way your clients and prospects view you. We are excited to share more with you at this one-of-a-kind training session.